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Pool Service in Portland, Maine

Take the hassle out of owning a pool by having the licensed and trained technicians at Christman Pool Service in Portland, Maine, do all of the maintenance, cleaning, and repairs for you. We have been renovating and servicing pools throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts since 1981.
Your pool should be a source of enjoyment for your friends and family, not a drain on your time and energy. Testing and maintaining the chemicals, vacuuming and brushing, and keeping up with repairs can be overwhelming, and let's face it; the last thing you want to do when you get home from work. The summer is short, don't fight with a cloudy pool, call Christman Pool Service to properly maintain your pool.

Knowledgeable Employees

Christman Pool Service Employee — Pool Service in Portland, ME
All of our employees are extensively trained and examined by the Association of Pool and Spa Technicians as well as by all of our manufacturers.
Our ongoing training ensures we are always knowledgeable and effective in all facets of the pool industry—from applying chemical treatments to installing pool equipment including pumps, filters, heaters, salt generators, and many other electronic add-ons and controls.
With a fleet of 14 dispatched trucks, we ensure prompt and efficient pool service every time. For the past 30-plus years, swimming pools have been what we know best. Our locally owned company is available year-round to answer your questions and provide you excellent service and customer care.